Epic YouTube Mobile - Google TV Hackathon

If you are building Android smartphone, tablet, or Google TV Android applications and need to incorporate high-quality YouTube video playback in your product this event is for you. At this event you will learn more, work hand in hand with Google engineers and and have an opportunity to provide feedback.

Makes you want to hack, amirite?


To RSVP, please fill in this form.

The Details!

See the schedule page for details. The TL;DR summary is that we will meet on Friday nite, hack on Saturday and most of Sunday, then have the demo night starting 7pm on Sunday.

You'll need to bring your own laptop for hacking, but we'll have plenty of power and WiFi.

To get started, check out YouTube developer resources at youtube.com/dev. Also make sure that your Android mobile or Google TV development environment is up and running with your favorite IDE. Check that you can run HelloWorld before coming to the event. A more complete set of setup instructions will be available prior to the event.

The Teams

We will list the teams here.
Participant, Participant, Participant

The Rules

Here are the rules, which are pretty final but might be adjusted for clarity:


See the rules for details, but the conditions for winning the hackathon are summarized below:

The Prizes!

Five Samsung Galaxy S3 devices - value: GBP 500 each.
And some more cool stuff. See the rules for details.